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SRI | SR-130 X-Ray Machine

SRI — SR-130

The SR-130 provides higher power, combined with state of the art technology, system reliability and low maintenance, all in a small footprint, lightweight package. The SR-130 provides hospital quality imaging performed anywhere, anytime a portable X-Ray System is transported to a patient. The SR-130 is designed with an intuitive user interface, for care free technique setting and status indication. The SR-130 is the number one power to weight ratio portable X-Ray system on the market today. The SR-130’S is a 100kV/30mA, 3kW system that can reduce exposure times on difficult radiographic anatomical views, thereby minimizing patient motion problems and enhancing image quality. It is offered with our optional Digital upgrade package, or in a film based version. On the film based verso in, the built in Cassette storage area can accommodate up to seven standard 14"x 17" radiographic film cassettes.


Biosound — MyLab Series

The MyLab series provides a new standard in premium performance mobile ultrasound.

With its portable and mobile configurations, the MyLab™Five can meet any customer need in many clinical environments, thanks to its extremely flexible, modular and license-based architecture.

The multispecialty approach and the wide range of dedicated probes confirm and ensure its investment value over a long-term period.